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The person who gives Siri the voice is Basque

When we have a problem or a doubt to solve, we don’t call a physical person, we ask the Apple virtual assistant, better known by the name of Siri . This intelligent software has been in the hands of the company of the bitten apple for many years now and there is still a long way to go before it is retired.

We have never asked ourselves if the voice of this tool, which helps us in our day-to-day life, either to organize ourselves or simply to answer a question, was the voice of a real person or just an intelligent program with programmed answers .

The person who gives Siri the voice is Basque
The person who gives Siri the voice is Basque

Today we introduce you to Iratxe Gómez, a woman who lives in the Basque Country. At first sight we might think: well, what’s wrong with this woman? Well, this nice Basque lady, is the person who lent her voice to the world, nowadays, Apple computer or mobile phone users, call her Siri . Yes, that’s right, our dear personal assistant was born thanks to this person, at least for the English version.

At WWDC 2017, relatively recently, Cupertino’s company introduced us to MacOS High Sierra, the next operating system that will power the next iMac and MacBook. This software contains many hidden features, which could become great help tools, depending on the occasion .

Among all the new features that the new macOS brings, we can find a series of updates for Siri. These improvements towards the Apple’s personal assistant offer us a more human and realistic version of Siri’s voice , they have also changed the microphone that appeared while we were talking to her for a sphere that goes changing colors and tonalities of these .

Not long ago, Tim Cook’s company gave Siri the ability to read our latest WhatsApp messages to us, and among other things, interact with Apple’s personal assistant by text , that is, by writing the question or action we want her to perform, since until now we could only talk to her through our voice.

There is little more we can tell you about Siri that you don’t already know, although we all know about it, the voice of our iPhone surpasses the equivalent in its competition , since the rest of the virtual assistants are copies of Apple’s. We look forward to continuing to evolve and improve over time. We must thank Cupertino’s company for giving us Siri.

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