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The perfect app for more than one this Christmas is called Moment

This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just past, you will have seen the classic image of your cousin, uncle, brother-in-law, even grandmother, using your mobile device during lunch, a moment of family reunion, where this device is more than enough .

Using our smartphone to show an image, video or display a new application is normal during meetings of this kind , but there are also users who live in an uncontrolled way on social networks, commenting, publishing and sharing, in short, everything you do or do not do.

The perfect app for more than one this Christmas is called MomentThe perfect app for more than one this Christmas is called Moment

Many times, we find ourselves more in the virtual world than we should , even at times where we have everything we need to enjoy ourselves, but still continue to use our terminal.

There are many solutions. Stacking mobiles on the table during a meeting and not using them during the meeting is the classic solution. Thanks to Kevin Holesh, we will now have another option to reduce the use of devices. This new solution is called Moment .

Moment is an application, whose main function is based on monitoring our use of the device and setting limits with the “detox” . This app, soon after being installed, we will forget that we have it since it only counts, but when we open it to see our records, we will see that it, of us, has not been forgotten.

In its last version there are several functions proposed, all very effective :

  • It counts how many times we unlock the device during the day.
  • Monitor our time of use with the terminal with this power on.
  • Collect the places we’ve been using our device.

However, if we want to give this application a more complete use, we can buy a more complete version for 4,99 euros . Some of the extras we’ll find in this version are

  • Allows to set daily use limits with alarm warnings, even disabling the terminal except for emergency use.
  • Activate the tracking at certain times of the day.

To finish the curl, we also have the option to activate the family mode – 3 months for 14.99 euros or 12 months for 44.99 euros – in which we can monitor the use of the whole family.

  • Monitoring of the different iPhone and iPad models in the family.
  • Activation of limits independently for each of the family members.
  • Forced disconnection mode at family mealtimes.
  • Window where to visualize the time of use of each family member with the device.
  • Unlocks all functions for all members.

As we have seen it is a quite complete application with which we make ourselves and our relatives aware of the time of use that we give each one to our device and why not, to collaborate in having a family meal in free of virtual connections.

We can find it in the App Store for free for our iPhone. It should be noted that this application is compatible with the Apple Watch .

Download Moment