The Perfect Age to Have the First Smartphone is 12

What’s the perfect age to get your first smartphone?

Many parents must have asked this question recently, as it is a decision of the new generation of 2.0 children. A few years ago children asked for a wide variety of toys and even balls or bicycles to play sports while having fun, but now the most common thing a child asks you to give them is a mobile phone. This is a decision that is generating many doubts among the parents of these children.

Well, according to a study conducted by American Express in the United States, parents think that the perfect age for a child to have his first smartphone is 12 years old . It must be said that this is a simple survey, so then each parent with their child can make the decision they see fit.

Statistics in Spain

The Perfect Age to Have the First Smartphone is 12
The Perfect Age to Have the First Smartphone is 12

This survey was conducted randomly among over two thousand adults. The results are very clear, 64% of the respondents have chosen an age between 10 and 14 years, 21% between 15 and 18 and 10% before 10 years. We also found other data in this survey, they also talk about the average expenditure that parents would be willing to spend on a smartphone for their child, with an average of 529 dollars, which may surprise us due to the wide variety of affordable mobile phones on the market designed for children.

Surely a parent need not have the same concerns here in Spain as across the Atlantic in the United States, but surely the two have many points in common. In fact, in our country, according to the latest data collected by the INE in 2013, 26% of 10-year-old children already had a mobile phone, a percentage that reached 58.8% at the age of 12 and up to 90.2% in 15-year-olds .

Pros and cons of smartphones

Beyond falling into the group pressure, since it is rare that young people today do not have a smartphone, parents have to consider the benefits that their child has a phone, some of these are: to be located, to be able to contact him and to be able to relate more with his peers. But some problems can also arise such as distractions, privacy or cyberbullying.

What is clear as Business Insider informs us is that this is a moment that will come sooner or later so the best option is to educate your children in the best possible way in the personal use of the mobile phone, establishing rules and also supervising its use, which should not imply excessive control over it. The most normal thing is that the child uses the smartphone to have fun and communicate with friends, but we can always find some small exceptions.

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