The patent war is still going on between Apple and Samsung

Apple is demanding $1 billion in compensation from Samsung for violating several patents and copying the design of the iPhone.

This is nothing new, we have been at war with each other for several years. We remember that when the first iPhone came out, the copies of Samsung with their terminals, were more than evident. That’s why a long war of accusations began in the courts.

The patent war is still going on between Apple and Samsung
The patent war is still going on between Apple and Samsung

Samsung assumes that it used some patents, even that it was inspired by the design of the iPhone to create its handsets, but claims that using the general design, should not be a reason to pay that amount so high . However, Apple claims that the amount demanded is not comparable to the benefits that Californians have obtained.

This may shock some users a little bit. How is it possible that they demand from each other and at the same time collaborate for some components? Well, the answer is simple. Samsung has an amazing ability to produce iPhone screens thanks to its infrastructure .

Where he makes a good profit from the American company. While Apple, needs the Koreans (at least for the time being) to meet the demand for terminal units it is launching on the market. Let’s say it’s a love-hate mix between the two companies.

Californians are trying not to depend on Koreans in case at some point, the relationship cools off more than usual. But also to get better prices on the screens produced by them so that we don’t have to depend on a single supplier.

Although both companies are continuously demanding each other, they need each other to keep producing profits and components for the terminals. So, in that section, they should not influence decisions on collaborations, at least, we insist, for the time being.

We remember how in the year 2012 , Samsung was sanctioned with 1.05 billion dollars, but one year later, in 2013 and after an appeal, the amount was fixed at 3 99 million dollars for damages towards the American company.

Samsung’s lawyers urged Thursdays to be “more open-minded”, as the comparisons of terminals were old . Even so, the initial concept is still in place, which is why Apple is appealing to Samsung to pay all the damages.

Apple, on the other hand, claims that Samsung made more than $3.3 billion in profits from the Galaxy S model alone, so the amount of $1 billion would be more than reasonable for infringing several patents, in addition to copying the design

There is a long battle ahead to see what will become of this new court battle between Apple and Samsung . So we’ll keep an eye out for any new developments.

Do you think Samsung benefited from Apple’s iPhone inspired designs? What do you think about that?

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