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The option to buy a Mac at a small business

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The first reason for this is the proliferation of iPhones . As happened with the “iPod effect”, many iPhone owners (who view documents and manage their mail from their phone) would see many advantages in switching from Windows to Mac, achieving greater interaction between their multitouch device and the computer.

The option to buy a Mac at a small business
The option to buy a Mac at a small business

In addition, with the MobileMe service, small businesses could see most of their problems with accessing various documents from anywhere in the world solved, which is crucial today. Applications such as QuickOffice, or Things to Get Organized can be a giant leap in productivity.

Another advantage they talk about is Apple’s technical support , whose effectiveness would surprise many companies that have always trusted Windows PCs. Not to mention the One to One training programs and Genius Bar from the Apple Store : if your company has a presence in the USA these services can be very useful for all staff.

Finally, apart from the technical service, small businesses would also save themselves trouble and money on security issues such as buying anti-virus software and destroying their data because of malware, with Time Machine putting the icing on the cake for a loss-proof system.

Certainly, if I had my own company and needed computers I would use a Mac without hesitation, but you always have to take into account the price of computers (although cheap always ends up being expensive, as we all know) and the type of software you need , which could irremediably require Windows. Of course, there are always solutions to emulate such a system on Mac OS X.

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