The only reason, really, why an AppleTV would be a real coup for Apple

Apple is a company in which rarely bets on breakthrough hardware, if we analyze carefully their launches in the last 13 years (let’s cut the cake since the first iPod was launched), we can see how the company has taken charge of making their own technologies already implemented by other companies or developed and add a little “magic” to make them seem almost a house invention. However, the company has bet more strongly on software issues, has known that it wanted and has always bet firmly on some of its adventures, even if MobileMe or examples like iTunes Ping were real failures. And it is precisely this aspect which could represent the true revolution of an Apple television or box for the TV.

We assume that Apple will offer an interesting interface, contained options (don’t ever expect to see such a device to play mkv with Apple’s name) but useful, compatibility with all their devices, iCloud… etc. That is, the minimum we expect from a company like Apple. I think we all agree on those details, it will be nice, thin, light and… you know the adjectives Apple uses for its products.

The only reason, really, why an AppleTV would be a real coup for Apple
The only reason, really, why an AppleTV would be a real coup for Apple

XBLA is a brilliant idea full of obstacles for developers. However, it is the guts of this product which could mean a revolution, in its own way, in the market of televisions, consoles and in general of any device that connects to a TV, the reason for this is logically the developers.

Microsoft may not seem like a company with great ideas, but it always seems to fall short of them. The Xbox 360 has changed radically since its introduction, for the better in this case, and examples such as XBLA are a good example of this. An “App Store” for one of the best-selling consoles of the almost old generation, designed for Indie games, classics or simply versions, all of this seasoned with two interesting details: a large distribution chain and attractive prices.

Both ideas sound similar, they are identical to the ones used by Apple for its Apple Store which this year turns 5 years old. But once again, Microsoft was left half way through, the developers criticizing how complicated development and distribution is, and others even making it clear that it’s not an easy way to make money for the amount of resources that need to be invested.

Microsoft half implemented the system and that’s where Apple could walk around like a model on any fashion runway and slap every single person in front of them. You all know the formula: Xcode + App Store + 0,89 euros .

Recently one of the engineers involved in the design of the original Xbox commented on this:

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Apple is not going to launch anything revolutionary to the market, perhaps something like Siri is the most interesting, but do not have the slightest doubt that the company will come loaded with developers betting from the minute one for his device with not only games … why isn’t TV more useful? From my point of view the current TVs are dead monitors that are used as destinations for other devices and especially for viewing content, what about the interaction of these devices why in general nobody uses the SmartTV functions more than for streaming ? I’ll tell you, because all applications are a big m-$£d !

Apple’s bet will be based, and I have no doubt about it, more on software and its functionalities than on groundbreaking hardware where right now there are many companies that can do it a thousand times more than the company on the block. Luckily Apple knows its limitations and rarely dares to exceed them, personally I hope it will remember them in this adventure.

Apple distributed 5.3 million AppleTVs in 2012 By the way, if you still think that all that AppleTV stuff, its applications, games… etc. are silly and that there’s really no one who wants a device of this kind, I’ll surprise you with a fact: in 2012 Apple sold 5.3 million Apple TVs and Microsoft sold 9 million. It’s still an appreciable difference, but if Apple has managed to sell that number of units of a device that people basically use to stream content with AirPlay, an evolution of the device with more options could reap great sales .

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