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the OnePlus 6 would copy back to the iPhone X

OnePlus explica por qué copia al iPhone de Apple

Aquí lo tienes: carcasa de cristal para la carga inalámbrica, display que cubre casi todo el borde menos el notch y dos cámaras traseras distribuidas en vertical. Así a simple vista vemos un lector de huellas en la parte trasera , lo que nos hace pensar que aunque probablemente fantaseen con un reconocimiento facial, para las tareas serias como comprar apps o realizar pagos, tendremos que fiarnos del tradicional lector digital.

the OnePlus 6 would copy back to the iPhone X
the OnePlus 6 would copy back to the iPhone X

De hecho, su parte trasera es algo así como si el iPhone X y el Samsung Galaxy S9 hubieran tenido un hijo .

En todo caso, es una filtración que quizás no se corresponda con el OnePlus 6 verdadero, pero todos los indicios apuntan a que sí . Al fin y al cabo como en la película, OnePlus es un sospechoso habitual.

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It is worth noting that Samsung and Apple are currently a kind of pawn that benefits the entire smartphone industry , although between them they have a long history of plagiarism lawsuits – from Californians to South Koreans.

But some Chinese mobiles are just to get him to look at them and have Apple’s legal service pay a visit to the courts. Among them, one stands out for its extensive experience in the art of copying to the iPhone with impudence , but also for its volume of sales: we are talking about OnePlus.

The iPhone X has a sweet tooth for copying and we’ve already seen a few Chinese manufacturers and their respective clones. But not only the small manufacturers, also Asus, Xiaomi or Huawei have incorporated details of the current Apple flagship. Samsung has the Emoji RAs, but at least it’s innocent and its new Galaxy S9 looks nothing like the iPhone X.

As we say, OnePlus is a common suspect in these contests . OnePlus 5 was an exact clone of the iPhone 7. So much so that it was difficult to find 7 differences – which there are, especially if we look inside – but the Chinese website Weibo has filtered this week what would be in theory OnePlus 6. Hold on to the curves :

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