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The number of employees at Apple stores has tripled in five years


In Asymco they have taken the time to analyze Apple’s figures to draw interesting conclusions about their growth or the sales of their devices. They have recently come back with some interesting data about the activity of the Apple stores and their employees . During the last five years, the number of employees per store has tripled.

The number of employees at Apple stores has tripled in five yearsThe number of employees at Apple stores has tripled in five years

We’re not saying that there are simply three times as many employees as there were five years ago overall, but that the number of employees in each and every Apple Store has tripled. You could say that the cause of these hires ( almost 36,000 positions since the iPhone’s launch ) is the company’s success against the competition, but at Asymco they have additional reasons.

The blue line marks the number of staff in the Apple stores. The green columns indicate the average number of employees per Apple Store.

The font names as a probable reason the change in the design of the stores . Before the iOS boom the Apple Store had many more products on display, which took up more space. Now the stores have been greatly simplified, with only the products needed on the famous wooden tables. When an Apple Store is empty, it’s very noticeable, and there’s nothing better for a store to look attractively full than hiring a good number of employees.

And the move has certainly paid off: the Retail division reports profits without a hitch , the number of visitors increases quarter by quarter when profits are announced at press conferences, and there are more and more countries with an Apple Store in the world. Spain, in fact, is one of the countries where Apple’s official presence has grown the fastest: we have gone from nothing to having seven stores open almost without realizing it. And the ones that remain.