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The next iPhone will be pink and carry Force Touch

Although the Apple Watch and the new MacBook are now on everyone’s lips, the king of rumors is and will continue to be the iPhone, precisely because it is a device that is massively manufactured in China , and where there is always a sieve of rumors and leaks.

Well, today the Wall Street Journal dropped a bombshell, saying that the next iPhone will have Force Touch technology on its screen. This is nothing new and we didn’t expect it already, especially since Apple presented it at the Apple Watch in September, and has also extended it to some of its laptops. The iPhone doesn’t want to be less, and the iPad probably won’t do without Force Touch in the next generation either .

The next iPhone will be pink and carry Force Touch
The next iPhone will be pink and carry Force Touch

What we still need to know is how they will integrate it into iOS, but we can get an idea by looking at how it works on OS X or Watch OS. It was already rumored back in 2013 that Apple was working on a new technology to improve touch technology and pressure recognition on future iPhones. What we didn’t expect was that the first to adopt this technology would be the Apple Watch.

But this already happened when the iPhone brought the multi-touch in 2007, in a matter of time it was extended to the whole family of laptops. Well, something similar will happen with Force Touch. It’s just a matter of time before all Apple’s touch devices will have this technology .

But it doesn’t end with the Force Touch, because the American newspaper also dares to say that Apple will present a new color on the iPhone, thus giving many possibilities as happened with the iPhone 5c . Pink is the only one they are testing now, and it will surely have a dull and elegant tone like the one we have with gold, which is achieved not with paint, but with a special treatment in the anodization of aluminum.

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