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the next iPhone could have an Intel modem

Intel podría acabar siendo el único proveedor de módems para los iPhone que saldrán este año

The alliance between Qualcomm and Apple seems to have come to an end. According to George Davis, chief financial officer of Qualcomm, Cupertino’s firm has no plans to use its LTE chips in next-generation devices. The executive even told investors that Apple will use the competition’s chips in its iPhones 2018, probably talking about Intel.

the next iPhone could have an Intel modem
the next iPhone could have an Intel modem

“We believe Apple intends to use only our competitor’s modems instead of our modems in its upcoming iPhone release,” said Davis. As you can see, the executive has not directly referred to Intel, but sites like MacRumors rumor that Davis may be referring to that competitor.

Apple’s decision not to use Qualcomm chips in its latest iPhone family is understandable, given the increasingly complicated legal battle in which the two companies have been involved for more than a year .

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the strained relationship between Apple and Qualcomm. Recall that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in February that Intel would be the provider of LTE modems for all 2018 iPhones , and that Apple would not use Qualcomm chips.

However, in early July cTech commented that the iPhone will not carry Intel’s 5G modem and that Apple had already informed Intel of its decision internally, so the company would use its resources for other things . So although there are many rumours that Intel will replace Qualcomm in the manufacture of the iPhone chips, we still don’t have official information about Cupertino’s future plans.

For now we only have the information that was shared by Qualcomm, and even the testimony of Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm, who was approached by one of the investors who asked if his company would have lost forever the possibility of negotiating with Apple, to which he responded that since it is such a dynamic industry, “if the opportunity arises, I think we will be Apple’s suppliers again” .

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