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The Next iPhone 6 May Have NFC to Pay With Your Mobile

Apple may introduce a new electronic payment system

According to Wired, some anonymous sources who are experts on this topic have stated that the next iPhone 6 will have a star feature that will set them apart from other generations. It is an NFC chip with which payments can be made through the mobile phone itself. Until now, this function was only available through some cases that added this functionality. The way this technology works has not been explained, but it is expected that Apple will focus quite a bit on user security.

Taking advantage of the technology of your fingerprint reader, the Touch ID, may become one of the most secure systems in terms of payments with mobile phones we refer. In addition to this Touch ID allows us to make purchases through our iTunes account. If this is the case, only the owner of the device will be able to purchase, as fingerprints are completely impossible to forge. But for now we will have to wait for the Keynote that Apple has announced for September 9th, where we will know all the information.

Apple cares about the safety of users with a ‘Secure Element’

The Next iPhone 6 May Have NFC to Pay With Your MobileThe Next iPhone 6 May Have NFC to Pay With Your Mobile

For a few years now, Apple has already filed a number of patents, all of which relate to electronic payments. One of the related patents concerned the connection protocols that the company would use to link NFC and Bluetooth for secure transactions, while private data would be stored on the hardware itself. Another of the latter patents gives users the possibility to pay with discount coupons or loyalty cards. In addition, earlier this month a scheme was leaked of what could be the NFC chip of the new iPhone.

According to Appleinsiderthe company has been negotiating important movements with large companies specializing in mobile payments for quite some time, to create a secure element where all the sensitive information related to the users’ banking data is stored. Another sign that Apple is closing the latest deals to implement this technology within its devices.

But these are still rumours and leaks from sources, so they may be real or on the contrary simple speculation. So far we only know almost firmly that the new iPhone will have a bigger screen and a slightly thinner design. It will also have two sizes, one of 4.7 inches and another of 5.5 inches and we also know that this will have a faster CPU, the expected A8. But the truth is that the only thing we know in a totally official way, is that Apple has a big event ready for the press on September 9th, so we will have to be alert.