The next generation of MacBook Pro would have a greater ‘influence’ from the ‘Pro Workflow Team

The new generation of MacBook Pro could come with a major influence on its development. It is the work of the Pro Workflow Team , the same team that took inputs from the most professional users in creating the Mac Pro 2019. This work would be materialized from the next redesign of the computer, one of the two Apple laptops that remain to be renewed.

The current MacBook Pro predates this team

Marco Arment, the well-known developer behind the Overcast app, was in charge of highlighting the obvious . And he was doing so after listening to the interview with Doug Brooks, the product manager of the new Mac Pro, in the Mac Power Users podcast (you can listen to the whole thing here).

The next generation of MacBook Pro would have a greater ‘influence’ from the ‘Pro Workflow Team
The next generation of MacBook Pro would have a greater ‘influence’ from the ‘Pro Workflow Team

In this excerpt you can hear how Brooks talks about the work process of the Pro Workflow Team and how it influences all the company’s most professional products:

Brooks mentions three product families: Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro . The only one that has not yet received a redesign and is therefore not based on the feedback from this team, is the MacBook Pro. It is not difficult to deduce like Arment that interesting changes are coming to it.

New MacBook Pro by the end of this year?

This week, the news that Apple had registered seven new laptops in the Eurasian database jumped out. There is speculation that the renewal would revolve around the MacBook and MacBook Pro , the latter with that 16-inch model of reduced frames. This supposed MacBook Pro would be renewed just a few months after the internal component upgrade it has just undergone.

It would not be the first time that Apple renews or redesigns a computer in such a short time. Remember that the leap to retinal computers in 2012 was preceded by an upgrade in early 2011 and another in late 2011 . It would not be strange, therefore, if history were repeated here.

In Apple “Rebellion” on the Mac: why hardcore users feel abandoned

Putting together the points made by Arment, this new MacBook Pro would have been developed under the full influence of the professional workflow team. Certainly, this team has already influenced the latest updates of the MacBook Pro, but their focus would have been on the entire redesign process.

It is worth remembering that Arment was one of the most critical with the current generation of MacBook Pro. From it came to criticize the butterfly keyboard for its reliability, the lack of an official USB-C hub, the need for more ports (HDMI and USB-A), the abandonment of the Touch Bar and a better charger. He also went so far as to say that Apple was late to the “party” of artificial intelligence and that it was in danger of becoming the new Blackberry.

What is true is that the work of the Pro Workflow Team is a change in how things were done at Apple internally. Thanks to their work, we now have the iMac Pro, the iPad Pro and a redesigned Mac Pro available by the end of this year. Their influence on Apple’s product line is already noticeable.

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