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The next big challenge for movie theaters: fighting against iTunes Movies

Movie theaters, those beautiful places that transport us to completely new places. The dreams of creators from all over the world, presented in their maximum quality , and enjoyed by the spectators in comfortable seats, which either help us to comfortably follow the beautiful story of the film, or to sleep peacefully, if it is not to our liking.

Cinemas are the best place to watch movies and the first place where they usually appear. Or at least that was the case until now, since the concept of these theatres could be about to expire , because of the entry of a new competitor to the market.

The latest releases, very soon on iTunes

The next big challenge for movie theaters: fighting against iTunes MoviesThe next big challenge for movie theaters: fighting against iTunes Movies

That’s right, as indicated by Bloomberg in one of his articles, Apple would be in talks with the majors of Hollywood (Universal Pictures, Disney, Paramount …) to bring to its iTunes Store the best premiere movies , thus disassociating itself from a Netflix-like strategy, as discussed in this article. This would put them in direct competition with theatres in all regions where the service is available.

The aim is to have the films from each studio available two weeks after their release in theatres , which would undoubtedly affect their development at the box office. However, the details of the agreements would still be being defined, so these conditions could change.

Will it still be worth it?

The market continues to move towards an increasingly complicated future for theatres , which are forced to create new strategies to attract a larger audience. This will no doubt affect them significantly, but I am sure they can still make it.

As I said before, the cinema is the best place to enjoy movies, with an image and audio quality unmatched by home computers. However, this doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels, and that the time will come when most people will put comfort before quality . And in that, video-on-demand services win by a long shot. What do you think of this new movement? Would you still go to theaters even if you had movies released on iTunes?