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The New Xiaomi Mi5 is Ready for its Second Phase of Production

Xiaomi is already thinking about the next Mi5

It’s very clear that Xiaomi doesn’t want to lose any ground and wants to remain at the forefront of mobile commerce in China and the increasingly numerous markets that it “colonises” thanks to its great offer. This ambition is not easy, as it requires giving 100% to surpass themselves and meet the objectives they have set. The best example you could give of this would be the beginning of the development of the Mi5 . The Chinese firm would have already started the first phases of its production so that the prototype would be ready when the commercial time of the Mi4 enters a stage of commercial decline.

The technology sector never stops, it is always in the process of evolution, a continuous and increasingly fast evolution. The same thing is happening in mobile commerce and it could even happen in a more aggressive way , as users look for more and better features. That’s why any developer who can’t optimise their products at the speed set by the competition has a hard time keeping up.

The New Xiaomi Mi5 is Ready for its Second Phase of Production
The New Xiaomi Mi5 is Ready for its Second Phase of Production

Xiaomi, a brand that is in the process of global expansion and with its reputation at the top , does not seem to be stuck in a dead end spiral. According to the latest news coming from a source closely related to the world of mobile telephony, the Chinese developer is in the midst of developing a new flagship, that which will obtain the role of replacing the recently released Mi4 in the future. It is very clear that the Chinese manufacturer does not intend to waste time.

Xiaomi’s next flagship is already on the developers’ minds

According to Xiaomi’s own CEO, the development of the current model, the Mi4, required no less than 18 work periods to shape a good smartphone. This evolution process went through a total of 6 phases that resulted in 6 prototypes until the final version that we all know today, the commercial one. However, the new prototype could be up and running much sooner than we think.

So says Wang Yang , the head of the iSuppli brand in China. This information is quite reliable, as the voice that speaks about the development of the Xiaomi Mi5 has some stature and contacts within the industry.

According to Wang, not only would the Mi5 have been embodied for the first time in some sketches, but the developer would have already started the development of the second prototype . This data denotes that the process of creation of the new prototype seems but advanced that the one of the Mi4 (the attached capture shows the chronology of its development), reason why perhaps the commercial time like prototype but outstanding of Xiaomi will be but short that the obtained one by the Mi3. Only time will tell what the Chinese company has in mind with the new Mi5, but surely it is something big.

Do you think that the Chinese manufacturer will continue in the fight to have the best smartphone in the market with the next Mi5? Will it continue its expansion into new markets? Tell us your opinion in the comments below, we will be happy to hear from you.