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The new video version of iWork

A little late, but we have here the video review of the updates presented in yesterday’s keynote of the iWork office suite, which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote. With a very minimalist design (some would say iOSified) and with a power never seen in an Apple application. These apps work great, making working with them a real pleasure. If you haven’t downloaded these apps yet, don’t delay, because they are worth every penny they cost.

It’s been over a day since the keynote introducing the new iPad, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro, plus the amount of software we’ve received for free: OS X Mavericks, iWork and iLife . The truth is that these two office and entertainment systems already needed a makeover, and Apple has been able to give it to them in the best way. But to give you a better idea of what was presented, at least until you can see for yourself if you haven’t already done so, here is a video with the review of the applications of the suite iWork.

The new video version of iWork
The new video version of iWork

The truth is that I have been very surprised by how well the applications work. The previous versions, besides being too skeumorphic, were slow and heavy, making it hard to work comfortably with them. With these new versions the truth is that you work much more comfortably , feeling everything much more fluid and light.

The new features, although I explain them above in the video, are not only focused on the visible, but, as you can see in the performance, the core of the Apps has been improved a lot , including a much more powerful engine and compatibility with the 64 bits of the current processors’ cores. I tested it on an iMac in mid 2010 and it really flies, not only because of the application improvements, but also because of the internal washout that OS X has also suffered .

As they say, whenever there’s a lime one there’s a sand one. Although the applications are very worthwhile, there is something that has overshadowed their appearance, and that is none other than the problems that some users have had in being able to upgrade to this version the applications that they have legitimately bought. We already know that after a keynote , the last thing you should do is start downloading any software shown, as the servers will be overloaded, but this time it was not the fault of the servers .

It seems that the problem lies in the internal system of the applications, which, even if they are installed in the corresponding folder , the Mac App Store is not able to locate them , perhaps because of their ID or for any other reason. The thing is that our partner Diego has finally given us a solution that really works, so if you don’t know why you don’t update your original applications I recommend you to go through his article. What do you think about the changes in the applications? Do you think it should have come much sooner?

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