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The new Super Mario Run mega event starts today

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Super Mario Run has been on the App Store for a couple of months now, and since Nintendo has been trying to boost downloads, purchases and consumer interaction.

The new Super Mario Run mega event starts today
The new Super Mario Run mega event starts today

A few days ago we discovered that Super Mario Run stopped being profitable in iOS after left the list of the 50 applications that generate the most revenue in the App Store. Interestingly, a couple of days later Nintendo updated the game with a new “easy mode”.

And to all this, Android users are still waiting for its launch in March. A release that will once again boost its popularity.

In addition, the company regularly introduces new events for users to participate more actively. Events such as today’s mega-event entitled “Golden Goombas”.

What’s new with the new Super Mario Run super event?

The new Super Mario Run special event, launched today, offers additional coins, and items . The “Golden Goombas” event will be available until February 20th , and encourages players to find the golden goombas in the various levels of the Super Mario Run worlds.

Every time you find and defeat a golden goomba you will win 30 extra coins , plus Super Mario Run will give you stamps . Once you complete a page with the goomba stamps you will get a special building . There are 4 different notebooks for the stamps.

If by any chance you don’t find a golden goomba in this special Super Mario Run event, you’ll have to complete the My Kingdom tutorial.

Download Super Mario Run

You can get Super Mario Run for free from the App Store by clicking the button below. Remember that you can play the first 3 levels and the multiplayer races without buying the full version for 9.99

Are you still playing Super Mario Run? Have you unlocked the full version? Do you think a freemium version for iPhone and iPad would have been more successful?


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