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The new spheres that will arrive in watchOS 6 next week

The company’s biggest fans noticed something peculiar in the presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 5, and that is that they were showing on screen a sphere that nobody had seen until now in watchOS 5 or watchOS 6 beta . That’s why many people have been investigating if it will be exclusive to the new Apple Watch Series 5, but the truth is that it has been discovered that it will arrive in watchOS 6 when it is released to all users on September 19 as has been seen in the GM of watchOS 6 that was launched yesterday.

This new dial that has the name of Meridian will arrive next week with watchOS 6 to all users who have an Apple Watch Series 4 or higher, because only fits the largest screens of smart watches so the Apple Watch Series 3 and the rest of older models we have to settle with the dials we already have.

The new spheres that will arrive in watchOS 6 next weekThe new spheres that will arrive in watchOS 6 next week

As we can see in the following image this sphere has four spherical complications that are arranged in the form of a diamond in the central part. As it is obvious these complications are totally customizable and we will be able to have information of the time, the calendar, our rings or our heart rate…

The background of this sphere is customizable as we can change it between black and white so it can match our style in the best way. We believe that it should also be possible to modify it to other colours of the user’s taste , although we understand that black and white are the most elegant colours that are the sign of identity of the company. The sphere in general also gives us the time in an analogical way and does not have any number on the edges. You can always customize the dial of the Apple Watch to suit your tastes and also needs.

In addition, the watchOS 6 GM has also shown that Apple has included new Nike spheres, very focused on sport as it could not be otherwise. All these spheres can be found in our Apple Watch next week by updating it to watchOS 6, but we must remember that only if we have an Apple Watch Series 4 or higher. We think it’s a mistake to only design dials for these new watches because the rest, like the Series 3, which is only two years old, are still a bit of a mess, even though they still sell them at the Apple Store Online.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about these new spheres that will arrive in watchOS 6.