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The New Smartphone Ideal for Children and Parents

LG Kizon becomes the first wrist phone exclusively for children between 6 and 12 years old

LG has recently introduced the innovative Kizon, a smart bracelet with phone function that helps parents of children aged 6-12 to keep track of their position and the ability to talk to them at the touch of a button.

More and more we can see how children between 6 and 12 years old use a smartphone or a Tablet practically every day, something that some parents do not find particularly funny. The company LG is fully aware of this and that is why it has decided to launch the new Kizon, a smartphone in the shape of a bracelet that brings children closer to their parents.

The New Smartphone Ideal for Children and Parents
The New Smartphone Ideal for Children and Parents

LG Kizon is a mobile device in the form of a bracelet specially created for parents to quickly locate and instantly communicate with their children so that we can monitor our children when they are in the park, in a shopping centre, at school or with their carer.

LG Kizon allows you to monitor your children for greater peace of mind for their parents

LG Kizon presents a design more than suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old and has a single button with which children can call their parents or the previously configured phone . It also has a Wi-Fi connection and GPS for better optimisation to identify the location exactly.

Parents will be able to visualize the position of their children with the Kion from a tablet or any Android smartphone and of course they will have the ability to call their children at any time. In case the child does not answer our calls, parents will have the possibility to ” force the call ” which will allow them to initiate the call regardless of whether their child has pressed the button or not. Then, parents would be able to hear everything that is happening around their child thanks to the microphone of the new LG Kion.

Main functions and features of the LG Kion

The LG Kion can be a great revolution in the world of children’s technology , because it can be a good way to keep track of what our children are doing at all times. The main characteristics of the wrist device would be:

  • Wi-Fi connection and GPS location.
  • A single button to make and receive calls.
  • Possibility of remote control by parents.
  • Location Reminder: Allows parents to set up location alerts at certain times of the day.
  • Autonomy: approximately 36 hours.
  • Low Battery Warning: Parents will receive a notification to their devices that the LG Kizon needs to be charged.
  • Available in three different colours: blue, pink, green.
  • Animated personalization: wristband devices can be personalized with children’s drawings.

As for the launch date of the LG Kizon, as we have read in The Next Web, was launched yesterday in South Korea and according to the company it will reach other markets such as the United States and Europe in the near future, although there is no official date yet.

Will you buy the new Kizon for your son? , as a parent, what do you think about the new initiative of LG?

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