the new service compatible with Apple Pay in Spain

Ya está aquí la quinta beta de tvOS 10.2.2

Tal vez resulte algo incómodo para muchos clientes debido a las recargas que se le deben aplicar a la tarjeta de Boon , aunque no deja de ser una opción más que interesante.

the new service compatible with Apple Pay in Spain
the new service compatible with Apple Pay in Spain

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Without a doubt, the Apple Pay service has become one of the most anticipated by the company’s customers. This new service opens up a new sector and a world of possibilities for the American company .

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Apple Pay service has been progressively introduced in different countries around the world. Fortunately, in Spain it has already been in operation for several months , although with certain limitations. Until now, it could only be used through Banco Santander and Carrefour Pass and American Express cards.

Boon is a new service that wanted to get on the Apple Pay cart. Because its cards are compatible with the Apple platform. This service acts as intermediary between the bank and the Apple service . That is, it behaves similarly to PayPal.

Unfortunately, Boon’s service is not free . Although the first year is free, from the second year onwards you have to pay a commission of 0.99 euros per month . Furthermore, if you use the bank transfer method to load the cards, these recharges will not have any kind of commission. However, of course, transfers usually take a couple of days to reflect the amounts.

From my point of view, Boon is a good choice for the user . On the other hand, the commission doesn’t seem to me a very exorbitant issue if we take into account the facilities offered by the service, thanks to the compatibility with Apple Pay.

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