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the new Samsung terminal could reach 4 figures


“Ah, you Apple users are snobs”, “At Apple you pay for the brand”, “But how can you pay that for a mobile”, I’m sure that at some point in your life some Android’s brother-in-law has spied on you these words because of course, according to him his terminal is as good as your iPhone and it has cost him 3 times less.

the new Samsung terminal could reach 4 figures
the new Samsung terminal could reach 4 figures

I don’t need to tell you that that’s a huge lie : if it cost him much less, don’t doubt that it doesn’t even reach the bottom of his shoe, and if he’s a worthy rival of the iPhone, the quality is paid for, whether it’s from Apple or another brand. In fact Samsung’s next smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8, will cost over a thousand euros .

Yesterday, many details were revealed about the upcoming Korean flagship which promises to be spectacular : a 6.3 inch terminal with the same format of 18.5: 9 of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, dual rear camera, smart S-Pen stylus, Qualcomm’s Snadragon 835 processor – the one that delivers performance below that of the iPhone 6s for everyday tasks – in some cases and in others Exynos 8895, an impressive 6GB of RAM and a 3 battery. 300 mAh battery. A real monster will be out in the world in September to beat the copper with the iPhone 8 .

Read it twice because you will need it, but you have read it well: more than a thousand euros . If we had our hands full because the same rumour was circulating about the iPhone 8 some time ago, now an Android terminal has no qualms about doing the same… but whichever way you look at it, it won’t be the iPhone 8 .

We know almost everything about the iPhone 8: its borderless display with the Home Button and integrated Touch ID, dual camera in the back and 3D sensor in the front, A11 processor, inductive wireless charging, augmented reality and of course iOS 11, a software optimized for your hardware that as it is holy and sign of the brand, will offer intuitivity, stability, security and fluidity … something light years away from what Android provides for the same price .