The New Samsung Gear S2 Will Be Compatible with the iPhone

The month of September has started with big announcements. Google announced that Android Wear is now compatible with iOS, although the support does not include some models of Samsung Gear. Taking advantage of the launch of the new Galaxy Edge + and Note 5, the South Korean company presented the Samsung Gear S2 a couple of weeks ago, and now new information indicates that this smartwatch will be compatible with the iPhone.

During the IFA in Berlin, attendees had the opportunity to see the new Samsung Gear S2, test it, see its dimensions, functions… But it was not until now that, citing quite reliable sources, it was just announced that the smartwatch will be compatible with the iPhone , thanks to an application that they will launch exclusively for this purpose.

The New Samsung Gear S2 Will Be Compatible with the iPhone
The New Samsung Gear S2 Will Be Compatible with the iPhone

Because the Samsung Gear S2 does not run Android Wear, but Tizen, the South Korean company’s mobile operating system . In this way, the devices that are in direct competition with the Apple Watch are being expanded a little bit more.

The Gear S2, Samsung’s first iPhone compatible watch

In order to use the new Samsung Gear S2 with the iPhone, it will be necessary to use an application that the South Korean company will launch specifically for this purpose. Something similar happens with Pebble smart clocks or Android Wear, which require a specific application that is downloaded from the App Store.

Google has long known that iOS users are very important to them, and it was time for Samsung to open their eyes and see the huge market they can have if they make their devices compatible with the iPhone. Until now, Samsung watches were only compatible with their own devices , which limited the market a lot, something that happens exactly the same in Apple, although we hardly see the Watch working with Android phones.

This step may have been heavily influenced by Google’s decision to open the doors to iOS devices to use Android Wear. And who knows, maybe Samsung now sees sales of its smart watches skyrocketing.

The Samsung Gear S2 will have several limitations for iOS users

As with Pebble and Android Wear, the Samsung Gear S2 will have several limitations when interacting with the iPhone due to Apple’s restrictions . However, it is expected that the American company will gradually raise its hand to extend its functionality.

Meanwhile, if you have an iPhone, you’ll have to settle for receiving notifications without being able to answer them from the clock, something these clocks can do on Android.

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