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the new PewDiePie game for the iPhone and iPad

Usually, when I see some social networking viral star or some youtuber launching his own mobile game, I’m usually skeptical. I think that the manager should focus on what he knows how to do well, and not on trying to do other things to maximize his income.

However, more than one person has informally recommended that I take a look at the games promoted by PewDiePie (the youtuber with the most subscribers in the world) because they are more careful and complete than what we can normally find in the App Store from this type of person. And that’s precisely what we’ll do today, taking a look at their new game PewDiePie’s Pixelings .

You fight in shifts, but with a certain twist

the new PewDiePie game for the iPhone and iPad
the new PewDiePie game for the iPhone and iPad

This is not the first game that PewDiePie has launched in collaboration with a developer. The youtuber has launched a series of games in collaboration with Outerminds, the most popular being Tuber Simulator. Now, with Pixelings, they are trying to overcome that popularity with a casual game that reminds of a mix of Pokémon and Final Fantasy .

In it we control the Pixelings, which are small creatures that you can use to fight against monsters that invade their village. The fights are between teams of three, with the mechanics of selecting what attacks or moves we want to do and letting the characters go running as their energy bar fills up automatically.

Each character has different attack modes, delivering their blows to the enemy in the middle or to the enemies directly in front of them; so the position you place your characters in also influences the final victory. You also have attack and healing spells that you can cast frequently to help you in combat. There’s one combat per level, and the game is spread over dozens of levels that gradually increase in difficulty.

This is a casual, short game that can be played perfectly in doctor’s waiting rooms or in the subway. And it has to be said, the graphic section in the style of pixel art and its soundtrack are very well cared for. There is a lot of quality there and you can tell it is made by experienced professionals. The voice of the PewDiePie himself in his dialogues (he appears as the main character) brings extra grace if you usually watch the videos of youtuber .

A ‘freemium’ model that is already too exploited

Yes, the business model is what it is.

The bad thing, and despite the fact that we are before a spoiled title, is that the business model that implements is still the freemium that we all know (I would almost call it slot machines or time slots ): chests that take hours or days to open with the possibility of speeding up the process with payouts, gems, prizes you can win in exchange for watching ads. .. Pixelings takes absolutely all integrated shopping or time based game modes and implements them. Nothing is left behind.

At AppleWhat the golf? An Apple Arcade game that parodies golf with the laws of physics

I miss that such a game has a sanitized version of this type of business in Apple Arcade , and even more so when the person responsible is someone who is aware of all the trends. That’s where Pixelings would shine the most and show its full potential, eliminating all the gems and virtual currencies to start integrated shopping and ad viewing time for players.

That’s precisely why PewDiePie’s Pixelings falls into the basket of casual freemium games, despite having more careful musical and graphic sections than the average freemium game. If you’re looking for something to kill time and you usually follow PewDiePie’s Pixelings on YouTube, it may be something entertaining but continuous to have on the iPhone .

You can download PewDiePie’s Pixelings for free from the App Store. It takes up 520MB, fits on iPad screens and can even be played on devices that use iOS 9 for age. Positive point for this backwards compatibility.