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The new OS X 10.10 Syrah is already in the making

Apple doesn’t want to stop evolving OS X. Even though they sometimes spend their resources working on iOS 7, which is noticeable in the fact that OS X Mavericks does not follow the iOS 7 interface, we know that they are already working on a new version. This will bring a new user interface and probably a radical change in what we knew until now as OS X.

In Cupertino they don’t stop for a minute. If the other day Apple presented us with the Golden Master version of OS X Mavericks, which is quite close to its official release. However, the work doesn’t end here, and the next OS X that will replace the new 10.9 Mavericks is in gestation .

The new OS X 10.10 Syrah is already in the making
The new OS X 10.10 Syrah is already in the making

After the small disappointment of OS X Mavericks not adopting the iOS 7 interface, it is precisely this change that will be the main novelty of the new OS X 10.10, whose internal name is Syrah , a type of grape.

According to the sources that talk about this new operating system, Apple is already working on the new design, which will share many elements with iOS 7 , but adapted to a desktop interface. Probably is a good preview of what we could see in the future version of Apple’s operating system.

My personal perception is that with Mavericks we reached the maximum maturity of OS X as we knew it until now . It has been an operating system that has been evolving little by little for more than 10 years, and if with Lion it was deeply integrated with iOS, Mountain Lion brought a brutal improvement in performance, and it is now Mavericks that improves performance even more, it is optimized for laptops with new technologies and brings features widely demanded by hard users , such as the tabs in the Finder or the improvement of the window management in double monitor mode.

I personally love OS X, because thanks to the years that Apple has been polishing it is very very mature and there is practically nothing that can’t be done , it is really complete. It is precisely here where Windows 8 is weak that the concept of the desktop operating system is radically changed and is in its infancy, as we said when we tested it.

With the new OS for Mac we don’t know if Apple will continue the nomenclature of OS X 10.10, if we will move to OS 11 or what will happen, and it will probably be an unknown until it is presented in WWDC ’14 or it is leaked as a rumor. What is quite clear is that the interface change will go hand in hand with a change in philosophy .

Apple needs to disassemble OS X and reinvent it . Putting an iOS 7 skin on OS X Mavericks is something everyone could do, and proof of this is the many designers who bring us concepts inspired by iOS 7. Mavericks is actually an unfinished operating system at the interface level.

They have eliminated the skeumorphism of the previous versions by killing the textures, other applications bring the iOS 7 interface, and some stay halfway through . There is a deep neglect in this aspect. Fortunately the improved performance and the new technical features compensate for this.

But this raises another important issue. The established Mac user community is too adapted to OS X for Apple to come and turn everything upside down . Windows 8 is a failure because of this very issue. Life-long users feel lost, and there are constantly those in my circle of friends and acquaintances who buy a laptop with Windows 8 and tell you “fuck, that sucks, my new laptop is running Windows 8” . Apple cannot afford this, the new OS X cannot fail.

Thus in Cupertino they are faced with an important problem where they have to balance innovation and tradition . The new OS X has to be completely new, revolutionary as the first OS X 10.0 was, but without losing the essence of OS X. Will Apple be able to do it?

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