The New Motorbike 360, Ready to Face the Apple Watch

The IFA in Berlin is one of the most important technology fairs in the world and many manufacturers present their new devices there. Motorola has already unveiled the new Moto 360, its bet for this year within the smart watch market with which it hopes to tackle the Apple Watch.

The second generation of the popular Moto 360 is now official and brings with it many very interesting new features. It has a much more customizable design than last year, with different models for men and women , two different sizes and new finishes.

The New Motorbike 360, Ready to Face the Apple Watch
The New Motorbike 360, Ready to Face the Apple Watch

After the Moto 360 has become official many users have already complained that Motorola has looked too closely at the Apple Watch for the renewal of their smartwatch. However, it must be acknowledged that the materials and finishes at first glance do not seem to have much to envy the Watch , and now that Android Wear is compatible with iOS could do much damage to the Apple watch.

New Moto 360, a much more customizable design

Among the features of the new Moto 360 it should be said that it will be available in two sizes, 42 and 47 millimetres so that the user can choose the one that best suits his or her neck. In addition, two models have been announced , the Moto 360 and the Moto 360 Sport, two alternatives with Android Wear that will almost certainly become direct competitors of the Watch.

As far as the finish of the dials is concerned, Motorola has chosen to launch several models on the market with different finishes: black, silver and gold, as well as different combinations of frames and boxes . On the other hand, they have not wanted to be left behind with the theme of the straps and the user will also be able to choose between leather, metal options…

Another highlight of the new Moto 360 belts is that they are interchangeable and have a new attachment system very similar to that of the Pebble Time. On the other hand, the Moto 360 includes an integrated heart rate sensor and the Sport model also has GPS , a key point to give more independence on the smartphone when going out for sports, for example.

The price of the Moto 360 will be more competitive than the Watch

Also, if we consider the price of the Moto 360, it is not completely cheap, but it is more competitive than the Apple Watch. It is already available in the United States and its price ranges from $299 to $429 , depending on the model, size and finish chosen.

In the other countries we still have to wait, since the exact date of its arrival has not been announced, but the new Moto 360 will surely not take long to reach new markets .

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