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The new Mac Pro won’t be available until 2019

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Finalmente, esta renovación no vería la luz a final de este mes , tal y como comentamos hace escasos días, por lo que si estás pensando en adquirir esta versión de Mac Pro, cabe recalcar que no tendrás que esperar a que los californianos lancen una nueva versión en las próximas semanas.

The new Mac Pro won’t be available until 2019The new Mac Pro won’t be available until 2019

¿Qué opinas de los dispositivos de escritorio de Apple?, ¿Revolucionará la firma californiana este tipo de producto? Déjanos tu opinión, estaremos encantados de conocerla.

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A few days ago we commented on the news in which Cupertino’s firm could launch a new version of his “lesser known” device the Mac Pro module . Nowadays, desktop computers do not have as much impact on the market as the MacBook Pro range of laptops. That’s why renewals of this product are not as frequent.

Despite this, it has become known that the Californian company would not update the Mac Pro , since at present the firm would be immersed in a project of great improvement, which would not see the light until the year 2019.

In this way, Cupertino’s engineers could be in a project of great technological advance to be able to design a much larger product (in terms of technical specifications) than the current one.

Without a doubt, this version of the Mac is intended for more specific tasks that require more computer power . This is why sales of these devices are usually much lower than traditional MacBook Pro, since unlike laptops, these devices are not usually aimed at an everyday customer.

The expectation about this new version has increased in the last days, but unfortunately we will have to wait a long time to know the final product .

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