The new Mac Pro is manufactured with impact extrusion

Apple talked about the design of the new Mac Pro and how it gets so much power in such a small chassis, all thanks to its thermal core that draws heat from the processor and graphics cards through a giant fan. But did you ever wonder how it gets that distinctive body shape? The process has a name: impact extrusion

The design of the new Mac Pro is quite spectacular. No one would have ever imagined that it would be possible to fit such a powerful computer into something the size of a trash can . Apple has given us quite a few details about what the inside of its computer looks like and also what it’s like on the outside.

The new Mac Pro is manufactured with impact extrusion
The new Mac Pro is manufactured with impact extrusion

What we already knew is that the thermal core is made of extruded aluminium , with the unibody method , as all Mac and iPhone cases are made. So far nothing new, but how does Apple manage to make the new Mac Pro case cylindrical? No, it’s not extruded, so a lot of aluminium would be wasted in its construction to hollow out the whole interior.

The process has a name, and it’s impact extrusion. This method is more like blow molding of glass than extrusion as we know it. Here the blowing is replaced by a pressurised plunger that exerts pressure on an aluminium die and turns it into a hollow cylinder. In this video we can see more specifically what this process consists of:

This process creates the exact shape of the Mac Pro’s chassis. A cylinder with a closed base and an open base , a blind tube let’s say. Also, unlike classic extrusion where you have to eat material with lasers or milling machines, in impact extrusion we create the Mac Pro housing in a matter of seconds, so the production line can be much smaller to create large quantities.

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