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The new Mac Pro has a stand that costs as much as an iPhone XS

52.000 dólares: esto es lo que te costaría la configuración más cara del nuevo Mac Pro

Quizá la solución podría haber sido revelar primero el precio del monitor con el Pro Stand incluido , para después anunciar una opción sin el accesorio, lo que probablemente habría mejorado su recepción. Pero parece que ni la propia Apple sabía muy bien cómo venderlo ante el público del evento.

The new Mac Pro has a stand that costs as much as an iPhone XS
The new Mac Pro has a stand that costs as much as an iPhone XS

Apple has a serious problem with pricing certain products. It’s clear that the company makes high-quality products with equally good after-sales service, and that they take care of every detail. It’s also true that, in their main product lines, they create both the hardware and the software to make both work optimally. However, sometimes this goes too far even for the company’s biggest fans.

During the last WWDC19 inaugural keynote, Apple’s latest attempt to regain the professional market was presented, the new Mac Pro. This new Mac is a very interesting proposal that makes no compromise so that its users don’t have to worry about anything . And of course, it was already expected that this product would be priced even higher than usual. So no one was surprised when the price was announced, the problem came with the screen that came with it.

In the same presentation, Apple presented what would be the perfect monitor for buyers of this Mac Pro. The Pro Display XDR is a magnificent screen through which developers will be able to give shape to their best works. Every detail of this display has been treated to the millimeter, from the panel to the stand. The point is that they shouldn’t have paid so much attention to the stand if they finally had to put a price tag of 999 dollars on it.

The Pro Stand was presented as part of the Pro Display XDR, but was not equally well received by the public, who showed their dissatisfaction in the same price announcement . The options offered by Apple are the purchase of a VESA mounting accessory, or the Pro Stand. In neither case is it included with the monitor, which is fine for those who already have the necessary equipment, but not so much for those who will have to buy one of the accessories.

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