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The new look of OS X Yosemite in video

The annual developers’ conference left us at its opening with a barrage of new features , all of them focused on the operating systems that govern their devices . On the one hand, we saw the arrival of iOS 8 with the same design and with a whole internal revolution and, on the other hand, the turn of face washing came to OS X with Yosemite.

Many were the rumors about the prominence that OS X would have in the inaugural keynote and they were not misdirected. The release of OS X Yosemite has meant a radical change in the aesthetic we were used to these years ago. The Mac operating system has borrowed the design lines from iOS to bring this new system to life.

The new look of OS X Yosemite in video
The new look of OS X Yosemite in video

So new and radical has been the change that Apple itself has launched the promotional video they used in the keynote – of one minute duration – in its Youtube channel where they focus on highlighting the most important changes carried out , as well as for example the much more flat and simple design or the whole range of new icons that will accompany OS X Yosemite.

As the Californians themselves indicate in the video description, each element of the interface has been completely reconsidered , down to the smallest detail. The final goal was to get a real face-lift – more than necessary – but without losing the essence of OS X and, best of all, has succeeded .

If you’ve been wanting more, remember that here at Applesupportphonenumber we’ve already tested OS X Yosemite and we’ve done a detailed review of all the new features that come with this new version of Cupertino’s operating system. And if you already prefer to play around with them, the betas are also available, both from OS X and iOS 8. Tell us about your experiences at the helm of the renewed systems launched in this WWDC 2014 .

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