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The new Jailbreak ads as if they were an Apple product

Alex Soto

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The new Jailbreak ads as if they were an Apple product
The new Jailbreak ads as if they were an Apple product

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The jailbreak is another business apart from the one Apple has with the App Store. The truth is that Apple fights against it, but for now, it has been maintained until version 6 of the Apple mobile operating system. Today we show you an ad copying Apple’s style, but with all the best of the jailbreak. Of course, Apple should learn a lot from the tweaks that circulate on Cydia.

The jailbreak is both good and evil in the Apple world. On the one hand, it is a source of inspiration that Apple should not miss, as many of the tweaks are really masterpieces of iOS interface design. On the other hand, the jailbreak is a junk code hole and reload our phone .

In addition to this, allows the installation of applications without going through the checkout and, although it is a somewhat forgotten topic, after Installous was closed, it is still one of the reasons why users do jailbreak to their devices. In fact, the latter for iOS version 6 has been the most widely adopted in the history of jailbreak itself.

Now, what if the jailbreak had its own Apple-style ad? Well, we’re not talking about the last spots from Apple, known as Music and Photos Every Day, but the ones before that. When you watch the video you will understand. Maybe this spot will give us something to think about, and that is that the jailbreak , as it is not allowed by Apple, is more like an underworld of code where to top it off you can buy applications.

On this subject, I propose a little debate or reflection, about whether it is really advantageous to buy applications on a service that may disappear tomorrow or not be compatible again with future versions of iOS. In fact, the purchases are associated with a Facebook account, a process, perhaps, a little sloppy . Whenever I have used Cydia it has been for free applications. In addition, the confidence that Cydia inspires is practically nil, as it doesn’t have an established company behind it.

And you, would you buy apps or have you bought apps on Cydia? Do you find this world attractive, or do you pull the classic and what Apple sets for its devices? The debate is open.


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