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The new iPhone will have an 8-pin connector, not a 16-pin

There are still new developments around the future iPhone that Apple may present in mid-September. There have been rivers of text written so far and as a novelty today we are going to talk about the connector that the new device seems to use. Did you think you had heard enough? It seems that we had read it until now it was not in the right way and there are some changes about it

The other day in a post we talked about the more than justified possibility that the new iPhone would be presented in mid-September, more precisely on the 12th along with other devices of the Bite Apple brand, such as a new iPod Nano or the rumored 7-inch iPad. Details had been leaked and in the case of the iPhone photos of a possible model are circulating very close to the final result . It shows the reduction of the connector, going from the classic 30-pin to a smaller one. We were talking about a 16-pin connector, but it seems that this will not be the case.

The new iPhone will have an 8-pin connector, not a 16-pin
The new iPhone will have an 8-pin connector, not a 16-pin

The fact is that as the new products are coming out, filtrations are increasing and becoming more reliable , even if this means that other previous rumours are being disproved . In this case, iLounge has received some data that may change some aspects that we had expected to be fixed in the new gadget of Cupertino’s.

The most important of the filtered data is the inclusion of an 8-pin connector instead of the rumored 16-pin one . It didn’t seem at first that Apple could take this measure because of the damage it causes with all the accessories on the market, but the possibility of increasing the space for better design of the device has been more important. According to some sources, this new connector also includes other new features such as a similar attachment to the Magsafe system used by the MacBook notebook range. However, we don’t think that the accessories will go into the trunk of memories, quite the contrary, as adapters will appear for all our accessories

Another novelty is that it appears to be through iOS 6 that synchronization between various devices will be possible via Bluetooth 4.0 , without mentioning any NFC for the time being. Although nothing is known about this in the various betas that have come out, it is not surprising that something new will appear in the version that comes out with the new device.

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