The new iPhone SE offers 32GB and 128GB capacity

The SE range of the iPhone is undoubtedly the least known in the firm’s catalogue. For months there have been rumours about the launch of new storage for the “small” Cupertino smarthpone. The rumours have finally been confirmed.

On the other hand, Apple has launched other products to the market, such as the new 9.7-inch iPad and the iPhone 7 Red, this time in red.

The new iPhone SE offers 32GB and 128GB capacity
The new iPhone SE offers 32GB and 128GB capacity

In this way, the new iPhone SE models would have new capabilities: 32 GB and 128 GB . Finally, the Californians have said goodbye to the iOS devices with 16 GB of storage . These terminals, which were currently more than limited due to a lack of space in the terminal itself, have been left behind. Today it is impossible to imagine a technological device with only 16 GB of storage.

Another highlight of the new models in the SE range is undoubtedly their attractive price . The increase in capacity has not affected the cost, which remains between 489 and 599 euros .


It should be noted that this terminal does not differ from its brother, as it continues with the 4-inch screen and maintains the hardware and performance features of the first SE model. The A9 processor remains the chip of choice for this new terminal. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the water resistance unlike the current iPhone 7.

Undoubtedly, this terminal has become the ideal device for those users who demanded a smaller terminal but without leaving behind the high performance. This is why the iPhone SE is the perfect ally for those users who do not support 5.5-inch phables .

It should be noted that the new terminal presented yesterday, will be available from March 24 , with the following week being chosen to deliver the new terminals to customers.

What do you think of the iPhone SE?

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