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The new iPhone cases and dock are now available

Dock para el iPhone 5c (29 euros)

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The new iPhone cases and dock are now available
The new iPhone cases and dock are now available

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Among them are the eye-catching, colorful, perforated cases on the back for iPhone 5c that were so important during the keynote. We also have available in the store for purchase the dock for iPhone 5s and 5c.

During this afternoon’s keynote we were struck by the number of colorful cases for the iPhone 5c that Cupertino’s showed us. These are already available in the Apple Store as well as two new docks for iPhone 5c and 5s , products that were not mentioned during the presentation.

As always, after a keynote small product updates start to appear such as the new colour of the iPod range and some products and accessories such as the new dock for iPhone 5c and 5s. These items are not particularly relevant but we were surprised that they were not in the catalogue as they are very typical of Apple.

They are already available from the Apple Store and can be ordered from the online store , although the date on which Apple will deliver this product is unknown. On the other hand, they will be available in the physical Apple stores on September 20th together with the new phones. Its price is 29 euros.

The other products already on display at the Apple Store are the cases for the iPhone 5c, a phone that has brought about a revolution in colour and variety in terms of the appearance of the handsets, which is unusual for Apple. This one seems to be created for the youngest, as it is a really eye-catching phone and can be customized with a multitude of cases in different colors that have holes in the back.

The sleeves will be sold, as well as the docks from September 20 in the Apple Store and its price is 29 euros. These dates will probably not be met in Spain, since the new iPhone will be launched in December, we doubt that we will be able to get your accessories before then.

Finally, we also have available cases for the iPhone 5s made of leather and with a very elegant touch, they are also available in various colors and will protect our phone from scratches on the inside as they are made of fabric. The price of the latter is 39 euros.

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