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The new iPhone and iPod touch incorporate the panoramic effect in its camera

The camera is one of the least talked about aspects of the new generation of both iPhone and iPod. Focusing on the iPhone, the current model has an excellent optic so if we add new features to an improvement, we have with us a perfect companion. One of these functions can be the taking of panoramic photos that usually gives such good results.

The camera on the new iPhone and the upcoming iPod touch will feature widescreen photography . At least that’s what the iOS developer Strafach wrote on Twitter and revealed in MacRumors. In the aforementioned tweet he indicates that the iPhone 5 and iPod touch will include among the effects or possibilities of the camera, the use of it to be able to take panoramic photos, by means of successive guided image taking and their subsequent processing.

The new iPhone and iPod touch incorporate the panoramic effect in its cameraThe new iPhone and iPod touch incorporate the panoramic effect in its camera

Returning to the tweet in question, this has been removed and according to its author, not because it contained inaccurate information, but because he considered it to be something in the public domain devoid of any interest.

Whether it is true or not, the panorama mode is not something new in iOS 6, as it is already included in iOS 5 , however, in a hidden way and can be activated if we use the Jailbreak . However, once activated on IOS 5, it left a lot to be desired, and we had to turn to third party applications to get decent results. In addition, the panorama photo function is something that has long been done in the competition with more than remarkable results. So many Android phones have this feature, very practical in certain cases and that allows for spectacular results .

Now it seems that Cupertino is planning to add this function to the camera’s capabilities, to further package the camera and provide a new experience for iOS users . They are also expected to add new options to the few supported by the camera. We are therefore talking about a very good lens , as it was already in the case of the iPhone 4S, which if given an interesting variety of possibilities, can give a lot of play and make us replace our compact on more than one occasion .

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