The New iPhone 6C, A Somewhat “Questionable” Project

Since December several rumors and speculations have come to light about the launch of Apple’s new terminal , the iPhone 6c, which would be a device that would be more family friendly but at a much more reasonable cost compared to its older brothers the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus. Technology analyst Timothy Arcuri recently commented to several investors in the same sector that the evidence and consequently the rumor of the manufacture of such a device may have disappeared around March, suggesting that the new low-cost terminal would never see the light of day.

According to the web portal Business Insider, the renowned analyst had speculated that Apple would have been working on a new project of “Low Cost” mobile called iPhone 6c as it was done with its previous model the iPhone 5c but that finally the California company rejected the project due to a possible drop in sales of its flagship product, the iPhone 6.

The New iPhone 6C, A Somewhat “Questionable” Project
The New iPhone 6C, A Somewhat “Questionable” Project

I think one of the reasons we don’t do that is because the iPhone 6 has sold so well “, says Arcuri. “If we were to launch a new iPhone at a reduced price now, it would result in lower sales of the iPhone 6 .”

The analyst believes that the version of a new iPhone 6C would have been an improvement on the previous iPhone 5S model , i.e. with the same dimensions and including an aluminium body instead of the usual plastic used in “c” units. Similarly, and according to other sources, this new terminal would see the light at the beginning of the year 2016, although for the time remaining to reach the new year, it is a somewhat questionable idea.

Apple in continuous evolution

On the other hand, Apple always tests and tries internally with new products that have never been launched to the market, so the presentation by the same of a new low-cost terminal would not be an exaggeration either . In December some supposed sketches of what the new terminal would be began to appear on the web, some images in fact suggested that the material used would be, as we said before, plastic, but the truth is that to date, Cupertino’s people have not denied or said anything about it, so everything suggests that a new “Low Cost” mobile terminal from Apple, would once again be forgotten.

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