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The New iPad Still Works After Freezing

Just when we thought we’d seen it all in terms of iPad abuse, it turns out they surprise us with something new. It is not enough to burn it, crush it or crush it, but also certain individuals have thought of subjecting it to icy cold . And, surprisingly, the Apple tablet has survived.

The guys at ZooGue, creators of iOS device sleeves, had no better idea than to put the new iPad with the sleeve in a freezer, making sure it was sealed in an airtight plastic bag before they did.

The New iPad Still Works After Freezing
The New iPad Still Works After Freezing

After pouring a few liters of water over it and waiting a while, they took a block of ice out of the freezer and, surprisingly, the iPad was still working perfectly after spending a few hours at many degrees below zero .

Where they are not so careful with their precious tablet is when they take it out of the ice block . They simply smash it into the ground from a height of two metres, and again, the iPad is untouched by such an adventure.

Here we go with this spooky video of a new frozen iPad:

What did you think? This is really unexpected, isn’t it? What’s next?

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