The new iPad Pro will come with Face ID, USB-C and more details according to 9to5Mac

We have just completed the first week of October and there is still no news about Apple’s long-awaited fall event, where they are expecting new Mac and iPad Pro . That hasn’t stopped Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac from publishing an exclusive with details of Apple’s new tablet generation.

Four new iPad Pro with Face ID

According to Apple’s specialist publication, the company is preparing to launch up to eight new iPad Pro. They would be the next:

  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi models: iPad8.1, iPad8.2, iPad8.5 and iPad8.6.
  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi + 4G models: iPad8.3, iPad8.4 and iPad8.7 and iPad8.8
The new iPad Pro will come with Face ID, USB-C and more details according to 9to5Mac
The new iPad Pro will come with Face ID, USB-C and more details according to 9to5Mac

This suggests that there will be two models of each for the two sizes of iPad Pro. One possible configuration could be the following:

  • iPad Pro small Wi-Fi: 64GB and 256GB.
  • iPad Pro small Wi-Fi + 4G: 64GB and 256GB.
  • iPad Pro large Wi-Fi: 128GB and 512GB.
  • iPad Pro large Wi-Fi + 4G: 128GB and 512GB.

Of course, this new generation of iPad Pro would have Face ID as we saw in the iOS 12.1 beta. For this, 9to5Mac says that their sources claim that the new devices will do without the Home button (eliminating Touch ID). However, there will be no notch : the frames of the new iPad Pro will be thinner, but wide enough to accommodate the necessary TrueDepth sensors.

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The new Face ID system will work with the iPad Pro in landscape mode, using the same image processor as the new generation iPhone. Despite working in portrait and landscape mode, the release ensures that it will not unlock the computer if we hold it upside down.

To give more detail, the initial setup process of Face ID on iPad Pro should be done vertically, even if later there is support for landscape mode . They have not been able to specify if this is due to a hardware issue that does not exist on the new iPhones or if it will be possible to incorporate it into these devices in the future with an upgrade.

USB-C for external displays, new Apple Pencil and magnetic connector

It is not the first time we see that the new iPad Pro will have USB-C to replace the Lightning connector they have been carrying since the iPad 4 at the end of 2013 . Again, this is information that has been seen previously through Apple’s developer betas program.

As to why this change of connector, the reasons are found in that USB-C , in spite of being a standard with many problems, allows to connect more and more interesting peripherals. Among them, 4K HDR resolution displays. A capacity that from 9to5Mac claim to have these new iPad Pro. In the Device Settings, we can choose and change the resolution, HDR, brightness and other settings of the external monitor.

Face ID, less frames, USB-C for external monitors, Apple Pencil 2… the new iPad Pro is approaching its complete redesign

We will also see changes in the magnetic connector of the iPad Pro. According to Rambo, this will be placed on the back and will serve to connect to a new generation of Smart Keyboards as well as accessories from other manufacturers.

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In addition to the change of port, the 2018 iPad Pro will have a new accessory: the Apple Pencil 2 . This new stylus will synchronize with the device just like the AirPods do through proximity. This will make the task of pairing up different new generation iPad Pro’s much easier.

It is not clear if the new iPad Pro will be compatible with the keyboards and Apple Pencil of the previous generations. In order to clear up any doubts, we’ll have to wait for the official presentation of these products.

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