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The new iPad line is being tested at Cupertino

If the renewal cycles of Apple products are fulfilled, this spring the new models of the iPad line should be presented, however, new reports assure that if they are carried out, the expected tablets would be presented directly on the web and not in a keynote, as has been expected since a few months ago.

According to analytical firm Fiksu four new iPad device identifiers appeared in its records on Monday. These as yet unannounced iPads were used to test a wide range of popular applications around Cupertino, running the latest iOS 10.3 beta and the first versions of iOS 11.

The new iPad line is being tested at Cupertino
The new iPad line is being tested at Cupertino

These model identifiers are likely to represent the new iPad Pro models, which reportedly indicate that the successors to the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be released soon.

The four new devices found have the following model identifiers: iPad 7.1; iPad 7.2; iPad 7.3 and iPad 7.4. Although Fiksu only collected about 40 devices, the company says this is the number of devices it expects to see one month before Apple launches a new product. This would suggest that new iPads are coming very soon.

The company collects its data from application developers, including their analytical SDK in their applications, which are then distributed to the App Store and collect information about users. The current iPad Pro devices on the market have “iPad 6,X” identifiers so it appears that these unannounced products are new versions of that lineup.

According to the Fiksu report, the iPad models being tested were used in the greater San Francisco area – Cupertino – and a number of nearby locations. Use spread across a range of generally popular applications, including games, music, real estate and weather.

Although four new device names were discovered, this does not necessarily mean that Apple is preparing to launch four new iPads. Mobile iPads have different device identifiers than Wi-Fi only versions; as such, the most likely conclusion is that these 4 identifiers represent 2 new iPad models.

KGI said Apple was preparing a new 10.5-inch iPad for 2017, with a virtual home button and an edge-to-edge screen. The release date of this product is even more unknown. A supply chain report indicated that the new iPad will not be available until May or June.

Since some of the iPads were seen running iOS 10.3 and some were running iOS 11 , it makes sense that they won’t be launching at the same time, while iOS 10.3 is expected to be publicly available in the next month or so, while iOS 11 won’t be shipped until September at best.

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