The new iOS 11 will save your life

Human beings are, by nature, capricious and impatient. So much so that there is no way to convince us that we should NOT use our mobile phone while driving. We should have more respect (if we drive with other passengers in the car) and patience to use the mobile phone when we arrive at the destination.

In fact, La Voz de Galicia states that the use of the smartphone at the wheel is the main cause of serious accidents due to distraction on the road. Up to 30% of accidents are caused by distractions.

The new iOS 11 will save your life
The new iOS 11 will save your life

While driving, in addition to using the iPhone (and any other model) for GPS navigation, we also use it to chat on iMessage, communicate on WhatsApp, watch videos, make phone calls, and even explore the web. Something extremely dangerous and risky.

Apple knows that we do things wrong, so with the arrival of iOS 11 Cupertino’s company proposes a very interesting technological solution that, as we mentioned in the title of this article, could save our lives on more than one occasion . And no, this is not the SOS function of the iPhone.

At the WWDC, iOS 11 was introduced, and a feature called “Do Not Disturb Driving” was revealed. A feature derived from the current Do Not Disturb Mode of the iPhone and iPad.

This Do Not Disturb Driving Mode will not only disable all call and message notifications, but will also automatically send replies mentioning that you are currently busy driving.

Even if Do Not Disturb Driving Mode is active, iOS 11 users will still have the opportunity to use their mobile phone to use the GPS and Maps application. Unfortunately, there are more than one million deaths each year from traffic accidents. Can you imagine how many lives Apple could save?

What do you think of this new functionality of iOS 11? Do you think it is a good solution to the problem of traffic accidents caused by mobile phones?

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