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the new headset requires iOS 13.2 to operate

With the launch yesterday of iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2 and tvOS 13.2, together with the presentation of the AirPods Pro, there is a detail that few have noticed. The new Apple wireless headphones require the latest software versions from Apple recently released or yet to be released. Important to consider if you were planning to get them now that they are on sale.

Yesterday’s launch of the three operating systems was no accident. Apple indicates in its update notes that these new versions are required in order to use the AirPods Pro . Something that tells us that the release of watchOS 6.1 and Catalina 10.15.1 macOS should be on the way too, most probably today. Therefore, the devices and operating system versions needed to use the AirPods Pro are the following:

  • iPhone with iOS 13.2.
  • iPad with iPadOS 13.2.
  • Apple TV with tvOS 13.2.
  • Apple Watch with watchOS 6.1.
  • Mac with Catalina MacOS 10.15.1.
the new headset requires iOS 13.2 to operate
the new headset requires iOS 13.2 to operate

This is a common step when the company launches new products, since they need to interact with the existing ones in some way, however small. For example, the iOS 13.2 displays an icon of the connected headset on the volume indicator in the Control Center when dealing with AirPods or Beats.

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This update involves two things. Firstly, if you were thinking of waiting to upgrade and at the same time buy the AirPods Pro, you would have to install the new version . The second is that those who do not have a device compatible with these versions will not be able to use the AirPods Pro (unless there is an upgrade that allows it).