The new Google Fit is too reminiscent of the Apple Watch Activity app

Apple retira hasta 14 correas para Apple Watch justo antes de su keynote de septiembre

De esta manera, Google ha logrado implementar algunas de las mejoras que a muchos usuarios nos gustaría ver en las próximas versiones de watchOS , y que podrían ayudar a hacer de Actividad, una experiencia más personalizada. Por ahora, tendremos que conformarnos con las novedades que están a punto de llegar con la nueva versión del sistema cuyo lanzamiento está programado para septiembre, y que no tiene mala pinta.

The new Google Fit is too reminiscent of the Apple Watch Activity app
The new Google Fit is too reminiscent of the Apple Watch Activity app

In cases where we talk about health by linking it to the big technology companies like Apple or Google, it is difficult to simply ensure that someone has copied someone. Without going into the issues of merit or licensing or patents, each competitor is usually able to improve the initial idea with the knowledge of their own employees, sometimes reaching a version superior to that of the original creator . This occasion serves as an example.

In the latest version of Google Fit, the Californian company has introduced a new way of showing users the most important information about their health. Rings are used to indicate progress on movement and exercise goals in a similar way to the Apple Watch’s Activity app .

On the one hand, the movement ring detects daily activities (not just walking), and on the other hand, the “heart spot” ring helps to know the exercise we have done throughout the day with a minimum intensity higher than that of the movement ring. In both cases, the information is extracted from the Wear OS devices , direct competitors of the Apple Watch, which are still trying to become a strong alternative to the Cupertino’s watch, even with the success of the latter.

The big difference from the Apple Watch is that the intensity exercise ring is not a fixed value as in the Apple Watch. Users will receive personalised recommendations , in the same way as with the movement ring, to help each person improve their health more effectively, not through a standard average. Both have been developed in conjunction with the American Heart Association as well as the WHO, which provide explanations of each ring.

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