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The new “glossy” screens


I leave you a link to where a user has put several photos of his new MacBook Pro with screen ” glossy “. The interesting thing about the photos is that he compares the screen to that of an iMac G5 and comments on it, having previously had a laptop Sony Vaio , which as you know, also incorporates this type of screen.

The new “glossy” screens
The new “glossy” screens

The user’s reflections are very interesting, I translate them for you to judge for yourself: “… I immediately took some pictures of the screens of my iMac G5 and my MBP. My first impression was that the ‘glossy’ screen was better (less reflections) than on my Sony VAIO. Unfortunately, I just sold it, so I don’t have the opportunity to take pictures comparing both directly. However, the glossy screen of the MBP seems to have a surface treatment that makes it less reflective than the Sony X-Black.

Anyway, if you don’t know what to think about these new screens, I recommend you to go to some Apple Center or some shop where you can see it ” live and in real time “, to take your own conclusions.

…And since I have my GUM meeting tonight, and I think there will be a MacBook , I will try to take pictures of it comparing it with other PowerBooks and publish them tomorrow for anyone interested to see.

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