The new firmware 2.0 application store

One of the great new features of the new iPhone iPod touch firmware 2.0 is Apple’s “store” of applications for its mobile devices: The App Store .


The new firmware 2.0 application store
The new firmware 2.0 application store

The App Store will function as a software repository from which we can download wirelessly from our iPhonesiPod touch or even from iTunes. In it, we’ll find not only commercial applications , but also free ones.

The operation is very similar to the iTunes Store , as we know it on the iPhone: Applications sorted by categories that consist of a summary of its operation. From the App Store you will download and buy, if you pay for it, using your iTunes account ) and install it on your device. At the beginning of July, when the App Store starts working, a new version of iTunes will be released that will include the App Store as a desktop application: You can buy any program you want to download from your computer and then sync it with your iPhone, for example.

The App Store will also have a software update notification system , so if we have downloaded any program, the App Store will allow us to update it as well.

The question many of you have asked is: Will the App Store replace the popular Installer ? In my opinion, no. They are two different things, although they share the same purpose: The software downloaded from the first one must be authorized by Apple , while from the Installer you can download anything put in a repository.

In any case, we will be watching for the new firmware version and the performance of this App Store in its first days of life, at the beginning of July.

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