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The new Bluetooth EarPods and more iPhone 7 rumours: Rumour

During the second week of the year, rumors related to the iPhone 7 did not stop ringing. In the last days Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac came back with a couple of ideas of what the new Apple phone could have. EarPods with Lightning, “AirPods” and the absence of the headphone jack , are some of the issues confirmed by this expert who, as we have said on several occasions, has never been wrong in his prediction history.

If you were on vacation or disconnected this week, we invite you to take a look at all the specifications that were leaked in the last few days .

  • Let’s start with the rumors surrounding the headset of the next iPhone. The rumors indicate that Apple will release a new headset called “AirPods” (a name that was trademarked by the company). It’s important to note that, as Gurman indicated, Apple will most likely sell the Bluetooth headset separately.
  • The appearance of a Bluetooth headset gives further strength to a rumour that has been around since the last few months of last year. The iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack to enjoy a much slimmer body.
  • To continue the chain of rumors, the 9to5Mac expert indicated that the iPhone 7 would not come without a headset, but that possibly the basic EarPods would be included in the terminal’s box and connected by Lightning.
  • Finally, the week also left us with an interesting rumor: Apple could be working on three different versions of the iPhone 7, one of them would be completely renovated and would leave a much thinner phone, and the other, would have a great resemblance to the current design of the iPhone 6S.
The new Bluetooth EarPods and more iPhone 7 rumours: Rumour
The new Bluetooth EarPods and more iPhone 7 rumours: Rumour

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