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the new application to find our friends

Apple has just launched its own iPhone location tool among friends, with which we will never get lost again since we will be able to know in detail where they are on a map.

Apple today announced a new application that works side by side with iCloud. It is called Find My Friends . Although Apple has promised it as a revolution, it is still the Google Latitude integrated in iOS. The application will be available at the same time as iCloud, i.e. on October 12th .

the new application to find our friends
the new application to find our friends

This kind of Find My iPhone for humans shows us on a map the location of all those people who share their location with us. In addition, Find My Friends integrates with the Contacts and Maps application, giving us the possibility of reaching a certain place without crossing with a certain person .

This application can do a lot of damage to major people geopositioning tools such as the already mentioned Google Latitude . The most interesting thing about the application is that we can share our location temporarily . So, for example, we can keep track of our friends during a trip and when the trip is over we can remove them from the map, on the iPhone of course.

One advantage of this application is the possibility of controlling our privacy , thus showing us a confirmation balloon if we want a certain person to follow us. Even if we want to go unnoticed by others, we can disable the option for people to ask for our location .

The Parental Control is also there, so we can spy on our children and be reassured as to where our children are, allowing us to know their exact position without any limit of error.

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