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The new Airport Extreme and the future Leopard

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I just read on theappleblog something that many of us might be interested in. In the new Airport Extreme just presented this Tuesday, you can find the functionality of Instant Drive Sharing , which could be translated as “instant disk sharing”. It refers to the possibility of connecting a disk to the USB 2.0 input of the Airport Extreme , and that disk is shared to all users on the network.

Well, one of the possible uses (and quite interesting from my point of view) is the possibility of using the functionality of Time Machine , the file recovery program from previous versions included with Leopard , with Instant Drive Sharing . This way we can have our files backed up on another disk and in another physical location, as there is no point in backing them up and saving them on the same computer. Moreover, such backups would be done in a quite transparent way to our work. It occurs to me that if we work with a Apple laptop with Leopard , we will have a backup of our files at home (or at the office) and without worrying about making backups, so if any mishap occurs with it or if it is stolen, we will have our work safely stored. Interesting, isn’t it?

The new Airport Extreme and the future LeopardThe new Airport Extreme and the future Leopard

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