The Netflix series, Stranger Things, launches its free game on the App Store

One of Netflix’s revelation series, Stranger Things , arrives on the App Store in the form of the retro game totally free to warm up before the new season’s premiere.

Stranger Things: The Game , is the title for the official game of the series, where the next October 27 will be updated along with the season 2 premiere.

The Netflix series, Stranger Things, launches its free game on the App Store
The Netflix series, Stranger Things, launches its free game on the App Store

It should be noted that the game is l and has no integrated purchase or subscription, i.e. a 100% free game.

If you are a fan of retro games and the Stranger Things series, you will enjoy this game a lot, as it has been recreated as if it were a game from the period in which the popular series is set.

The game has about 10 hours of gameplay , where we will have about 30 missions to complete using one (or several) characters from the series. We will start with the sheriff, as we advance, we will have or must use other protagonists.

Another interesting fact about this Stranger Things: The Game, is that we have the possibility to discover new exclusive videos of the second season that will be broadcasted on Netflix this October 27th.

That date is also significant for the game, because will receive a big update , so we start the countdown to finish the game and not miss any details of it.

The music of the game is enigmatic, if you’ve heard the soundtrack or the main theme of the series and you’re a nostalgic for retro games, you’re going to love the version used for this game.

If we go to the Apple Store to look for the game, we will find this description :

“Stranger Things returns! Get ready for season two of the acclaimed series by joining Hopper and the boys in an action-packed new adventure.

  • It’s 1984 again. Experience an action adventure like your heroes would have played decades ago.
  • Explore Hawkins and its surroundings. Visit places like Mirkwood Forest or Hawkins’ laboratory.
  • Discover places you’ve never seen before!
  • Solve puzzles with the unique skills of each character. Lucas has a sure-fire shot with his rocket launcher. Nancy has a complete collection of bats.
  • Get as many waffles and gnomes as you can. You never know what they might unlock…
  • Compete with your friends in ratings and social networks to see who’s the fastest.”

If you’re a fan of the series, Stranger Things: The Game can’t be missed on your iPhone or iPad, where we’ll have exclusive videos from the second season premiering on October 27th on Netflix , the same day you play it you’ll get an update.

Download Stranger Things: The Game

What do you think of this game format? Are you a fan of the series?

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