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The “nano” iPhone may be a reality, although radically different from what we think

How long have we been hearing about the iPhone nano? If I remember correctly, about a year before the iPhone 3G came out, this concept began to sound and everyone was fascinated by the idea.

But what idea are we talking about? When we hear about iPhone nano we all think of the direct comparison, an iPod nano. A smaller screen, smaller size, thinner, longer battery life, fewer options

The “nano” iPhone may be a reality, although radically different from what we think
The “nano” iPhone may be a reality, although radically different from what we think

But this product model does not fit into the iPhone range at all . The first and basically the biggest problem is the screen. You simply can’t make a screen much smaller than 3.1 inches as this is the minimum screen size that accepts 320×480 resolution, the resolution of the iPhone.

Part of the success that surrounds the iPhone right now comes from its applications and the great support it has received from the industry. Reducing the screen size to less than 3.1 inches means reducing the resolution and therefore modifying absolutely the entire interface to adapt it to the new resolution.

We simply can’t put in the same smaller buttons as we would lose great usability and find ourselves with buttons that are almost impossible to press.

But let’s think for a moment and try to relate a little bit of rumour to speculation and a little bit of common sense. An iPhone nano doesn’t have to be exactly a smaller iPhone, it can simply be a cheaper iPhone .

There are plenty of rumors that talk about diversifying the iPhone into two models, one of them especially cheap and affordable in exchange for giving up some features not needed by everyone.

That would be the iPhone nano , surely it will not be called that but its idea or concept is that. The iPhone nano that will surely be presented will not be a reduced version in size, but in performance and therefore in price.

If the rumors about a simpler iPhone for the incredible price of $99 are confirmed, it will be a big hit by Apple for the whole market. Many people are not looking for features, just to have that nice phone that comes on TV and that everyone has . For that market this model will be an absolute success if it finally materializes.

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