the names that are gaining strength

On Wednesday we all have an important appointment with Apple as it will present the new generation of iPhone for this year at the Apple Park. The rumors do not stop surfacing in the network coming to saturate all users who do not know what to expect to see in two days. In addition to this series of rumors, today there is an image that seems to have been taken without permission at a meeting of the operator Chine Mobile where they would be giving out the details of these new devices before their presentation and obviously also show the names of these: iPhone XS in sight?

As you can see in the following image collected by Mac Otakara p we can clearly see that the names “iPhone XC” and “iPhone XS/XS Plus” are specified. This is what the devices of this 2018 would be called according to most of the rumors and this image just keeps giving strength to this rumor.

the names that are gaining strength
the names that are gaining strength

The iPhone XS would correspond to the device with a 5.8-inch OLED screen that would have the corresponding 6.5-inch Plus version, which after all would be very similar to the body size of the iPhone 8 Plus as we saw in different comparisons last week.

If Apple announced these names on Wednesday, the iPhone XC would correspond to the economic version with a 6.1-inch LCD screen . This name would be taken from the iPhone 5c, a device that was looking for the same thing: to attract a young audience with an economic device; but as we all know it was a real disaster. If it is finally called that, it would be a way of saying on the part of Apple that they have learned from their mistakes of the past and this is what they really wanted to present in 2013.

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The iPhone XC will arrive in 5 different colors that have already been exposed in various images that we commented this weekend and that seem to be totally original, according to various sources consulted.

The price is still an unknown , although MacRumors based on the prices seen in the filtered image we commented at the beginning of the article the iPhone XC would be priced at $700, the iPhone XS $900 and finally the iPhone XS Plus would cost $1,015.

We are already looking forward to moving from speculation to fact and this is something we will witness on September 12th here at Apple5x1, are you going to miss it?

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