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the must-have upgrade for your compatible speakers is now available

Many consider the Sonos speakers to be the best combination of sound quality, wireless convenience and price. And as of yesterday, they can add a new feature to their value proposition: AirPlay 2.

Sonos and AirPlay 2 speakers: a step forward in intelligent sound

Sonos is one of the most attractive manufacturers of home sound. A very popular brand in countries like the United States and Canada, where many homes have one or more of these speakers. Its quality sound, price and flexibility in “getting along” with dozens of music services in streaming .

the must-have upgrade for your compatible speakers is now availablethe must-have upgrade for your compatible speakers is now available

Since yesterday, owners of one of its latest wireless speakers can update the iOS app from the App Store and benefit from the improvements to AirPlay 2 as announced by the company on its blog:

These are the AirPlay 2 compatible Sonos speakers :

  • Sonos One.
  • The newly introduced Beam sound bar.
  • Playbase.
  • Play:5 second generation.

Although the California company claims that its non-compatible speakers can be grouped with another speaker that supports AirPlay 2. This allows it to be used together without the need to upgrade to a more modern model, albeit with its limitations.

What you can do with your Sonos speaker and AirPlay 2

To start enjoying the benefits of AirPlay 2 with your Sonos speaker, you need to have a compatible Apple device with this protocol. You only need an iOS 11- or iOS 12-compatible device and iOS 11.4 installed. They’re also compatible with Apple TV 4 or 5, and a wide range of Macs (2009 MacBook and iMac onwards, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Pro onwards).

With this fixed, you’ll need to update your Sonos app to start using its new features. When you’re up to speed, you should go to the HomeKit home automation app and add the Sonos speakerphone to your home.

Sonos speakers are a powerful alternative to the Apple HomePod, which is not yet available in the U.S.

The most eagerly awaited and outstanding feature is multi-room sound, which allows you to send different tracks (or the same one) from an iOS device. With AirPlay 2 and a compatible Sonos speaker, you can have Siri control your music if you have an Apple Music subscription. Play a particular album, turn up the volume, and change the radio station, for example. In addition, you can also use Alexa to change your music once you’ve started it with Siri.

One of the most interesting points is that you’ll be able to connect it to your Apple TV to play the sound of the video, series or movie you’re watching on your TV. Sonos has a TV sound bar called Beam (449 euros on its website) that also supports AirPlay 2.

So you know. You don’t have to wait for the HomePod to have some very interesting speakers that are compatible with this new protocol. And if you already have them, update them immediately.

Especificaciones técnicas del HomePod: así queda frente al Amazon Echo, Google Home y Sonos.

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