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the most innovative company of the year… for the tenth time in a row

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If someone were to ask you, in your opinion, which is the most innovative company in the world, which brand would you choose? Possibly Apple, right? Well, this same question has been asked by the Boston Consulting Group (link to PDF) to more than 1,500 CEOs around the world, who have not hesitated to point to Cupertino’s firm as the most innovative in the world . The curious thing is that Apple leads this table with authority for the tenth consecutive year.

the most innovative company of the year… for the tenth time in a row
the most innovative company of the year… for the tenth time in a row

You may be tempted to think that this list is manipulated or altered by the interests of the brands themselves, but the truth is that the mechanics of the study makes it clear that the ranking represents the real thinking of the managers . The consultant asked the top managers of the companies which was, in their opinion, the most innovative company in the world in their own sector, but at the same time prevented them from quoting their own. It should be noted that this questionnaire was sent to the managers of the most important companies around the world.

As we pointed out, the table is indisputably led by the Californian firm, but followed by two Silicon Valley giants: Google and Tesla. This study also has an additional ingredient: it has taken into consideration not only the direct nomination by other directors, but also the distribution of dividends from these companies among their shareholders . This can be a good way of weighing up the weight of innovation with the economic results of the company, and thus rewarding a company that, as well as investing in innovation, manages to make it profitable.

We are not surprised that the company founded by Steve Jobs leads this list, given its constant launch of new products and opening new market segments. Apple has made innovation one of its main value-added elements, and it seems that this philosophy is gradually taking hold in the market: 79% of those surveyed said that innovation was already one of their main priorities in managing the company .


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